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. "After I was in a car accident my back and neck started to hurt. I could hardly even carry my backpack to school without excruciating pain. I usually have dance after school every day, but just doing simple moves would be almost impossible due to the pain in my back. After starting receiving NSA, my back feels flexible again and I have no more pain when I dance or carry my books. It also helped me when I sprained a muscle doing a split, it healed much faster than my medical doctor said it would-

I was surprised how fast I recovered and how this amazingly gentle method of treatment helped me recover from my injuries much faster. I look and feel much better than ever before."

I was in a car with my friend and her mother when another car hit us. After a few days I started to have neck pain and headaches, which got worse and worse. After I started getting NSA I started to feel better and now my neck feels great and I have no more headaches.

I have tried many alternative health practices on my personal journey towards wellness. NSA has clearly provided me with the most apparent and sustained benefits. Without a doubt, I plan to continue to enjoy improved health and wellbeing with the help of this program

Due to my numerous neck injuries, I had lost flexibility in my back and sought help from this program. Over the course of several months, under Network Care, I have regained the strength in my neck. I heal more quickly from strains. It also helped me recover from a horrible allergic reaction to spray paint. The treatments are gentle yet effective. Martha


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I was driving on the freeway when the two cars in front of me came to a sudden stop, and I was hit by the truck behind me. After the accident I started having headaches, neck, upper and lower back pain and stiffness. I could hardly move my neck and when I did, the pain would shot down to my shoulder blades. At the end of the day my low back would be hurting and feeling so stiff. I started receiving the NSA treatments. It was so relaxing that I often looked forward going for my treatments. This program helped relieve the pain and stiffness and allowed me to return to my regular daily routine and gave me my mobility back

I started on this program after a whiplash injury. At first I was skeptical if the program would work, but my body wasn't. After the very first visit, I felt a decrease of tension in my neck and back. The subsequent visits contributed to my healing in the most gentle and relaxing way. I'm glad I choose this program and my body thanks me too

I was crossing the street when suddenly a truck came from out of nowhere and hit me. I bounced about 6 feet ahead of it. I landed on my elbow and haunch bone and heard a crunch from my neck. The pain in my shoulder began that evening as I realized that was the point of impact. My neck was hurting and I was having severe headaches. I decided to try this program, as I knew I needed something to help me recover. I had heard about this program from a friend who tried it after her car accident and had only good things to say about it. Now I feel so much better. I am so thankfull also for being led to this amazing program.

I started on NSA to relieve the severe pain I had between my shoulder blades. It was so painful every time I moved my head. Even being a yoga instructor and practicing yoga didn't relieve it. During the first month of care most of the pain disappeared.

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